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Dirt, dust, and grime are ground into carpets over time, eating away at fibers, creating smells and stains, and fouling your facility’s cleanliness.

XTREME CLEAN offers a full suite of carpet cleaning services designed to maintain the quality and cleanliness of your carpets, and extend their lifetime. Properly maintaining carpets provides better sanitary conditions and delivers a fresh look and feel to a facility.


Our Carpet Cleaning Services:

A facility’s carpet is typically the largest cleanable surface, and XTREME CLEAN possesses the expertise and logistical know-how to manage almost any facility carpet needs.


Some examples of XTREME CLEAN carpet cleaning services are:

  • Spot treating isolated stains
  • Hot water extraction which targets deeper fibers
  • Dry clean method


Additionally, XTREME CLEAN clients enjoy important service details that include:

  • Industry-leading carpet care equipment and cleaning systems
  • Attentive pre-clean debris removal, including staple and gum removal
  • Proper use of chemicals
  • Proper vacuum attachments to safely clean under and around objects
  • Uniformed, punctual and locally based professional crews
  • 24-hour communication with our Operations team