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Typically, XTREME CLEAN schedules a consultation to determine your specific cleaning requirements. Our experienced representatives will take the time to understand your environment and your needs.  We will help determine your customized maintenance schedule and outline the frequency of your cleaning specifications. XTREME CLEAN offers janitorial service from one to seven days per week, including holidays when needed.


Important Service Details

  • Locally-based uniformed service teams
  • Ability to request as-needed services, such as floor work and carpet cleaning
  • 24-hour communication with our Operations team
  • Periodic on-site inspections to ensure all specifications are being completed
  • Flexibility to modify cleaning specifications based on your changing needs
  • Industry-leading equipment and cleaning systems

Typical Cleaning Specifications

  • Detail cleaning all floors by sweeping & mopping or by vacuuming
  • Removing trash and replacing receptacle liners
  • Dusting open work spaces and common areas
  • Sanitizing restrooms and lunchrooms
  • Detail cleaning of interior glass and mirrors
  • And many other facility-specific needs you require


One of the problems that many business owners face is deciding whether to hire employees to take care of the domestic chores of your business, or to outsource the janitorial services. If you find yourself trying to make this decision for your business, here is a comparative list of both type of approaches to deciding what is best for your business.



Outsourced Janitorial Services

  • Professional and competitive janitorial staff
  • Knowledgeable technician staff that can take care of equipment breakdowns
  • Janitorial team always available to take care of the full maintenance of your facility
  • High quality and professional maintenance services.
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Improved appearance of your business facility.
  • Less employees to manage
  • High janitorial standards, constant innovation, and the newest technology in maintenance services.
  • All tasks are completed safely and at a timely manner.

In-House Janitorial Services

  • Hiring in house cleaning personnel is costly
  • You will need to hire staff by specialty
  • You will need to buy expensive equipment and give maintenance regularly
  • You will have to buy all cleaning supplies for different areas of maintenance
  • You will be requested to pay for fringe benefits like holidays, sick leave, pensions, vacations, etc.
  • You’ll need to frequently train your administrative personnel to manage labor relations and supervise that the safety standards are always met

Many facility managers choose to outsource their janitorial needs since it reduces costs considerably, and also because having an outside janitorial company will not only provide the cleaning staff, but also the equipment and cleaning supplies. This will save you time and resources, allowing you to focus on growing your business. 


Let EXTREME CLEAN provide you with a competitive quote to see what savings we can offer.