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Accommodating a large number of students, educational facilities can quickly become the grounds for fast-moving germs if the building is not cleaned properly. XTREME CLEAN goes above and beyond to ensure the cleanliness of your school.  We will strive to keep a healthier classroom.


XTREME CLEAN’s school and university cleaning professionals deliver:

  • An immaculate facility through cleaning practices that maximize efficiency
  • Dedicated and experienced support to handle any cleaning challenge
  • 24-hour Operations Support and regular Quality Control Inspections



XTREME CLEAN school cleaning services include:

  • Detail cleaning all floors by sweeping & mopping or by vacuuming
  • Sanitizing all door handles and stairwell handrails
  • Removing trash and replacing receptacle liners
  • High-dusting and cobweb removal
  • Dusting and sanitizing of all desks
  • Sanitizing restrooms and lunchrooms
  • Restocking of supplies, including hand towels, toilet paper, and hand soap
  • And many other classroom-specific needs that may be required




XTREME CLEAN offers all quarterly and yearly floor work required.  This includes but not limited to high-speed buffing of tiles, stripping and waxing of floors and corner to corner carpet cleaning.  This work can be done during any school breaks or shutdowns to prevent any loss time for teachers and all faculty.